Bumpdate: Week 28

Weight: 2.22 pounds
Length: 14.8 inches

Another amazing week!!!

This week we have been busy busy busy; buying a “travel system” i.e. a pushchair and starting our NCT classes. Next week… shopping for a cotbed and ordering a car seat, then all the major purchases will be complete!!!

Symptoms this week still include the dreaded nightly leg cramps and also a little heartburn, but that’s probably my own fault for following half a garlic bread with gulping down half a pint of water and most likely squishing Pip in the process but it feels like a proper pregnancy symptom and I love it! … For now!

I had another midwife appointment this week, which was just as uneventful as ever. Still no issues with my blood sugar which is great news, bump is measuring perfectly normally and my blood pressure is dropping although still perfectly normal!

NCT class was pretty interesting, it was great getting to meet 7 other couples in exactly the same position as us. Based on due dates, Pip is expected to be the baby of the group, but there are 3 of us expecting within 3 days from 4th-6th May so it will be really interesting to see what happens!

Symptoms include:
leg cramp, indigestion


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