Finishing the day on a high

Today is…

TTC month: 3

Cycle Day: 31 (11dpo)

Mood: disappointed 

I woke up this morning debating whether or not I should take a test, I was soooo excited (and it’s not even Christmas yet!) I 100% not to, as my DH is really excited too and I couldn’t do it without him, got up and went to the bathroom, then I wanted to cry…
I thought we were completely out for the month, 2 days to AF and brown spotting had to be the precursor to AF, but then out of nowhere it STOPPED and 11 hours later I haven’t seen anther drop!!!! 
Testing for Christmas morning (12dpo) is now back on and my fingers are crossed so tightly my knuckles are white!


Uhoh! Not so hot

Today is…
TTC month: 3
Cycle Day: 28
Mood: gutted
Well, it definitely wasn’t a triphasic pattern! 
Today my temperature was right back down to 36.6 degrees Celsius, I am absolutely gutted as I really thought this was the start of a triphasic pattern and it clearly isn’t. I’m consoling myself with the fact that it is stil above my cover line and is almost in line with my other post-o-day temperatures but right now that feels almost worthless!

I give up!

Today is…
TTC month: 3
Cycle Day: 30
Mood: intrigued

I give up, I have no idea what is going on now, the cramping yesterday was awful; like the worst AF cramps I have had in a long time, really low down, but today I don’t have any. 
I was convinced that AF was going to be early, but other than the tiniest spotting ever this morning, I have had nothing! I’m secretly hoping this is a good sign and maybe the pain yesterday and this morning were implantation?! 

Who knows? I might not be out after all!

I have had no other symptoms today, just a back ache going out for lunch today. But I was probably just sitting funnily at my desk 😝

Arghh! What is going on?!

Today is…
TTC month: 3
Cycle Day: 28 (7dpo)
Mood: gutted
Well it definitely isn’t a triphasic pattern!

I woke up to a really low temperature of only 36.6 degrees Celsius and I am so disappointed. I was completely confident of my soon to be triphasic pattern yesterday, today’s BBT was a total shock! 
I am trying to not dwell on it too much as 36.6 is still higher than my cover line and my pre-o-day temperatures, but right now it’s all I can think of. 

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Today is…
TTC month: 3
Cycle Day: 27 (6dpo)
Mood: excited 
I woke up this morning to a MASSIVE temperature spike!!! The last few days I have been balancing between 36.7 and 36.9 degrees Celsius (that’s 98-98.4 for anyone working in farenheight) but this morning I was 37.1 (98.8 degrees Fahrenheit)
I have never recorded a temperature this high before, really hope this will be a triphasic pattern! 

Embarking on Cycle 3

This is our third cycle TTC and I really feel like I know what I’m doing this month; I know what I can eat and drink (and more importantly, when!) when I should be taking my OPK tests and generally what to expect.

Today is CD16 which means I am only days away from my fertile week now and I am already hating my long cycles. They aren’t impossibly long, just enough to feel like it is taking FOREVER!!!!

I have really good feelings about this month… I’m certain I will feel like this every month, as I’m generally just an optimistic person. But this month I’m sure is going to be our month!!!!

Also, I realised this morning that if it is our month, then I get to take the first test on Christmas morning… who needs presents after that sort of news?!