Bumpdate: Week 38

Weight: 6.8 pounds
Length: 19.61 inches
Winter melon

I guess this was a massive week for firsts:
first week on maternity leave
first health visitor appointment
first day time NCT meet up (for me anyway)
first time in SINGLE FIGURES on our d-day countdown

I cannot believe how busy I have been! We started off the week celebrating on Monday morning by going out for breakfast at Bills in Highcross. It was a great start to my leave, made even more special by the staff, who were all lovely, but especially Lizzie from BabyBeazle, you can check out her adventures here;
She has just got back from a year working at Disney and was probably the best waitress we’ve had in such a long time!!! She was genuinely lovely and made our first day really special.

My very first health visitor appointment also went without a hitch, despite what some of my friends and family had said about health visitors in other local authorities, ours was great; friendly, full of useful information about local services and not at all nosy! I had been a little apprehensive about the thought of a pre-baby meeting, thinking it might be treated like an RSPCA home-check, but it was nothing like that and actually quite reassuring to know who will be coming (and roughly when) after Pip is here.

Over the last couple of midwife appointments, my bump has been measuring smaller and smaller compared to where we should be on the average curve, however this week he must have done some serious growing as we are right back on the average line again. While we weren’t worried about the smaller measurements, it’s nice to see that everything is “normal” again. Although, like the health visitor said; with a small bump, you could have lots of fluid and a tiny baby, or very little fluid and a large baby, until he comes out, we just aren’t going to know.

At the beginning of the week I was very much symptom spotting all the time. I have been counting down to maternity leave for ages, but now that has started the only thing left to countdown to is for him to arrive. Despite what I had hoped was some positive symptoms at the beginning of the week (some very light spotting over the weekend) it didn’t turn into anything more and I am now trying to come to terms with the fact that all the statistics say it is very likely he will be late and I am just going to have to be patient! That is much easier said than done as I can’t help but want to meet him right now!!!

We were really good at shortlisting names back around christmas time… and again a few weeks ago, but we still haven’t officially settled on Pip’s actual name. This week, we decided that we had better start seriously talking about what we will call him (before he ends up as “Pip” forever) and after a very brief conversation in bed one night, we realised that we were both on the same page and are pretty happy with the same number one name. Only time will tell if this actually becomes his name as anything could happen between now and him arriving, but we think we might finally be down to a single name on the shortlist!


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