Bumpdate: Week 38

Weight: 6.8 pounds
Length: 19.61 inches
Winter melon

I guess this was a massive week for firsts:
first week on maternity leave
first health visitor appointment
first day time NCT meet up (for me anyway)
first time in SINGLE FIGURES on our d-day countdown

I cannot believe how busy I have been! We started off the week celebrating on Monday morning by going out for breakfast at Bills in Highcross. It was a great start to my leave, made even more special by the staff, who were all lovely, but especially Lizzie from BabyBeazle, you can check out her adventures here;
She has just got back from a year working at Disney and was probably the best waitress we’ve had in such a long time!!! She was genuinely lovely and made our first day really special.

My very first health visitor appointment also went without a hitch, despite what some of my friends and family had said about health visitors in other local authorities, ours was great; friendly, full of useful information about local services and not at all nosy! I had been a little apprehensive about the thought of a pre-baby meeting, thinking it might be treated like an RSPCA home-check, but it was nothing like that and actually quite reassuring to know who will be coming (and roughly when) after Pip is here.

Over the last couple of midwife appointments, my bump has been measuring smaller and smaller compared to where we should be on the average curve, however this week he must have done some serious growing as we are right back on the average line again. While we weren’t worried about the smaller measurements, it’s nice to see that everything is “normal” again. Although, like the health visitor said; with a small bump, you could have lots of fluid and a tiny baby, or very little fluid and a large baby, until he comes out, we just aren’t going to know.

At the beginning of the week I was very much symptom spotting all the time. I have been counting down to maternity leave for ages, but now that has started the only thing left to countdown to is for him to arrive. Despite what I had hoped was some positive symptoms at the beginning of the week (some very light spotting over the weekend) it didn’t turn into anything more and I am now trying to come to terms with the fact that all the statistics say it is very likely he will be late and I am just going to have to be patient! That is much easier said than done as I can’t help but want to meet him right now!!!

We were really good at shortlisting names back around christmas time… and again a few weeks ago, but we still haven’t officially settled on Pip’s actual name. This week, we decided that we had better start seriously talking about what we will call him (before he ends up as “Pip” forever) and after a very brief conversation in bed one night, we realised that we were both on the same page and are pretty happy with the same number one name. Only time will tell if this actually becomes his name as anything could happen between now and him arriving, but we think we might finally be down to a single name on the shortlist!


Bumpdate: Week 37

Weight: 6.3 pounds
Length: 19.13 inches
Romaine Lettuce

We are now officially at “full term” and if Pip was to be born right this second he’d probably be ok and wouldn’t even need a ventilator, which is some pretty exciting stuff, especially after the adventure that was last weekend. Part of me is really hoping for an early baby; I don’t want him to be so early that he’s in any increased danger, but it would be lovely to meet him sooner rather than later.

We spent easter weekend just relaxing and catching up on Game of Thrones, which we started last weekend while we were away, but hadn’t managed to get as far as expected due to me being so sick. We more than made up for it over the long weekend though and even considered whether there was a Game of Thrones name that wasn’t too ridiculous that could make our shortlist. It turns out the boys names on the show just aren’t as usable as the girls names; I can’t even begin to imagine a Tyrion or a Loros, although thinking about it we could have a Jon, Rob or a Theon… possibly even a Ned wouldn’t be too out there based on the grandad-style names that are popular at the moment!

This is my last week at work, all 4 days of it, and I am definitely ready to finish now. While i’m still not too uncomfortable, or tired, during the day, I am starting to feel ready to hand over and allow myself to spend more time thinking about house things and baby things, instead of just making lists to deal with later.

We finished the working week with a live vlog as we had finally reached 1000 subscribers. This is something that we had been really hoping to do before Pip arrives and we have achieved it! I’m not sure how well it went as we were both bouncing off the walls excited about the start of my maternity leave and the (hopefully) imminent arrival of our little boy, but if you want to check out just how happy we were, you can still see it here:

Bumpdate: Week 36

Weight: 5.78 pounds
Length: 18.66 inches

This week was our two year wedding anniversary, and we wanted to go away to celebrate (last year we went to Cheltenham) but knowing that I was going to be 8 months pregnant, we didn’t want to commit to an expensive hotel that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy if the travelling turned out to be too difficult for me. Instead, we decided to spend the weekend at a caravan park in the Lake District which was a low cost, low pressure option in a beautiful location.

The journey turned out to be ok; we took loads of breaks on the drive up and didn’t end up arriving until about 11pm, but I stayed awake for the whole trip and wasn’t too uncomfortable.

It was lucky we had the place to ourselves because I woke up early on Saturday morning generally uncomfortable; I couldn’t work out if I was hungry or thirsty, so I had an apple and some water and then instantly wanted to be sick. The pain got slowly worse until it was a sharp pain lasting no more than a minute or two and coming and going really often. I could not do anything to alleviate the sharp pain, although changing position and walking circles around the living room did help with some of the discomfort. I had really started to think that it could be proper contractions at only 36 weeks, in the middle of nowhere!

In the end, I decided to have a shower, which helped enormously, although I was still getting some pain on and off the worst of it completely dissipated in the warm water. After about 3 hours, although I was feeling a bit better, we called the midwife office (in Leicestershire) and she thought it was probably not contractions as I could hold a conversation with her but arranged for an appointment with the local drop in centre so that I could be checked over.

By the time we made it to the appointment, I was not in any more acute pain and just had a little discomfort that was no worse than the Braxton Hicks contractions I have been experiencing earlier this week, so there was nothing for the doctor to do and he sent us on our way again.

I was so glad that we had packed both mine and Pip’s hospital bags in the car with my maternity notes, just in case, because I felt quite prepared. While the whole situation wasn’t perfect, having a Cumbrian baby wasn’t too scary a concept for me and I definitely feel ready for him to arrive as soon as he’s ready!

After our trip was over, we had a scheduled midwife appointment for week 36 where my bump was measuring quite small, but still within the “normal” category so we were told it was nothing to worry about. Also, the midwife wasn’t completely sure if he was still engaged, but ultimately decided that he probably was still 1/5 engaged just the same as last time. I was really hoping that we would have progressed a little, but there is plenty of time for that yet as I still have one more week left at work!

Bumpdate: Week 35

Weight: 5.25 pounds
Length: 18.19 inches

I had an appointment this week to collect a 24 hour heart rate monitor, wearing it was a real pain as I struggled to find clothes that were baggy enough (with my bump) to fit around the monitor and all the wires!

Time will tell if they found anything unusual on it, but I am hoping no news is good news, as I did it at the beginning of the week and still haven’t been given any results from the test… who knows how long it will take, but if it was something problematic i’d hope that they would get back to me asap.

This week I think I have found the first of my stretch marks; I have symmetrical horizontal lines around the centre of my bump. Strangely, they are already silvery coloured, which I wasn’t expecting, so i’m still slightly hopeful that they aren’t actual stretch marks but just other marks that will fade to nothing…

We have still not managed to narrow down our three name shortlist to anything more specific, so this week I decided that the best way to know that we have chosen the “right name” for Pip was to go back to the drawing board. I scrapped all of the names that we had so far and went back to looking at name websites, the “Top 200 Names of 2016” list and “Names Inspired By…” collections and drew up an entirely new long list of about 10-15 names. Then I showed Chris. There were a couple that he didn’t like and veto’ed straight away (Im sure Pip will thank him in the long run for that) and there were some that he really liked. After a long chat on the park, we now have nearly an entirely new shortlist of our 3 current favourite names and surprisingly only one of these is from our original shortlist!

I’m not going to give away any clues to the names we are thinking about though, and to be honest, they could change at any moment. The only way to know for sure is for you to come back to check on us after he is born to find out what we have chosen.