Bumpdate: Week 21

Weight: 12.70 ounces
Length: 10.51 inches
This week has been the big gender reveal!!!!
We have now known that we have been having a baby boy for over a week now, which feels like forever, but as of this week everyone else knows too and we can stop being secretive about it.
First we told two sets of grandparents over Christmas dinner (and we made them fight for it!) We gave them an unsealed envelope “with the gender inside” and told them we would play any game of their choosing; if they won, they could have the envelope, but if we won… who knows!
Really we were planning to let them win either way, but they bent all the rules to make sure that they didn’t lose and in the end they beat us at Articulate by a mile.
They are all so excited to meet Pip and his grandma had even guessed ahead of time and bought him a blue Christmas present. It is amazing how many people love him already, he got quite a few gifts this year and he’s not even here yet!
… did you notice how much I love saying “he” now ^^^

Bumpdate: Week 19

Weight: 8.47 ounces
Length: 6.02 inches

This was another fantastic week, there are so many milestones at the moment!

We were lucky enough to have our detailed scan (which should have been at 20 weeks) a little early, so we got to see Pip again!

The scan was fantastic, it lasted about 15-20 minutes and the sonographer measured every little bit of Pip. We found out that everything is completely average, which is great news and even got to see the blood pumping around the heart… we were asked if we wanted to find out the gender and of course we were desperate to.

We found out that Pip was going to be a BOY but its top secret for now as we haven’t told anyone else yet, but we have big plans to tell them at Christmas.

I was exhausted during the scan and had to keep pinching myself to prevent falling asleep; mostly because I have been really sick this week, it’s just a bad time of year, but I don’t want to take any medicine to feel better, because anything I take might affect Pip.

Now that we know we have having a boy, we have started talking about Pip’s name again a lot! At least we know that he definitely won’t be an Anna or a Lucy- so there’s lots fewer names on our list now.

Bumpdate: Week 18

Weight: 6.70 ounces
Length: 5.59 inches

This is the first week the books say that I might be able to feel Pip move, I haven’t felt anything yet, but I am waiting on the edge of my seat. Daddy has to wait quite a bit longer, (maybe as much as another 2-3 weeks) but I can’t wait to start feeling movement. Although, I haven’t been lucky enough yet, knowing that it could be any day is very exciting!

My new jeans came this week and I finally don’t have to worry about them falling down (because I haven’t been able to fasten them at all for quite a few weeks now while bump is getting bigger and bigger!!!!)

This week all the books say that Pip can now hear things in the outside world, so Daddy has started reading regularly. I was a little bit naughty and gave him a very early Christmas present which is “Guess How Much I Love You?” So he has been reading that at night, I hope Pip remembers it!

Bumpdate: Week 17

Weight: 4.94 ounces
Length: 5.12 inches
Navel Orange

This week my mum and dad came to stay with us and brought another gift for Pip – he/she is starting quite a collection and he’s not even here yet! They brought a cute little lamb with the softest blanket I have ever felt and I’m sure you Pip’s going to love it.

We all went out to go to look at pushchairs, and I think we MIGHT have chosen the one that we will be getting. We have done so much research and there are so many to look at, but we have narrowed it down and have nearly made a decision.

We also let them listen to Pip’s heartbeat for the first time. It’s one of the most amazing things we can do at the moment, it’s almost like magic! It makes us both so happy that we can hear him happy and healthy in there!