Bumpdate: Week 8

Weight: 0.04 ounces
Length: 0.63 inches

Can you believe that my old (baggy) work trousers are starting to feel a little tight already?! We really need to start taking these pregnancy countdown photos that I have envied on Pinterest.

The spotting got worse on Tuesday this week, I would definitely have to admit that it was “bleeding” rather than “spotting,” luckily it seems to have only been for one day only. I was so worried because this was now 2 full days of spotting with no end and with two instances of bright red blood mixed in. We were about to call the doctor for the second time about the spotting, as last time he said he would book us in for a scan if it was still happening in this week and my deadline for myself was Tuesday.

I have been trying really hard to be positive, so I decided to hold off calling for a few more days and magically all spotting stopped on Wednesday; 15 days after it began. Amazingly, 8w+3 was the first day I had “normal” discharge with no brown for a whole day since week 6. I have never been so happy not to see any spotting and if this keeps up, we might just be home and dry!

I was starting to get a little worried with my reduced symptoms in addition to the heavier spotting, but this didn’t last long and all symptoms came back strong as the spotting stopped, so maybe the lack of symptoms was all in my head!

In an attempt to keep the positivity up this week, we also took the first bump progress photos this week and can’t wait to watch you grow!!!

On the brighter side, it turns out that I didn’t quite make it to week 12 before telling anyone… This week a group of us were scheduled to do an 8 mile charity walk for Maggie’s Centres in Oxford, including two of my best friends, and I knew we would be spending a LOT of time walking, and chatting – how was I supposed to keep quiet about the most amazing thing ever?!

I was also worried that I would be really really tired as I haven’t stayed up past 9pm in weeks and the walk didn’t start until 7pm. So I caved and I told Helen and Sarah before we started, it was amazing to be able to share the news with people I love although I am still having a really hard time saying it out loud, it just doesn’t feel real.

I found I couldn’t bring myself to say “I’m pregnant!” which should have been so easy, and I ended up dancing around the subject a little… so much so that Helen didn’t even know what I was trying to say. Sarah figured out my cryptic code and we started laughing and exclaiming and Helen still didn’t know what was going on.

Then we had to spend the next few hours in silence about it as a friend from work was with us and I really didn’t want work to know yet!!!

Nausea, tiredness, thirst, sore breasts


Bumpdate: Week 7

Weight: 0.02 ounces
Length: 0.5 inches

We are both so excited and I have been walking on the moon for the last two weeks… and trying my very best not to let anyone notice! We have started reading baby books and got our first dedicated iPhone app, Pregnancy+, which is fabulous and gives you all sorts of great information like how much the baby weighs, how long he is and what fruit he is the same size as!

We have been umm-ing and arr-ing this week about how to talk about our LO; it seems so odd to say “he” or “she” but I really don’t like “it” and “baby” just seems so far away, we have started referring to our LO as “Pip” as it is so much cuter. We are still using both “he” and “she” though, as we won’t know for real for AGES yet!

Horribly though, this has been a really difficult week and its hard to get excited when I am still spotting and its getting much harder to think of it as implantation bleeding now. I do know that some spotting is “normal,” but it is going on much longer than I expected and how do you know how much other people experience?! I have had a little bit every day and on Friday this week I even had a single wipe of bright red blood, which was really scary.

It’s so difficult not to worry about Pip, it has taken us so long to get this stage and we just want you to be safe and healthy!

I can’t believe that I had to switch to my old work trousers this week though as my current ones were getting uncomfortably tight!!! How crazy is that, I’m sure I shouldn’t have changed that much already.

This week they have definitely been reduced, I’m still definitely tired (I haven’t been to bed this frequently at 9pm for years!), but that isn’t exactly comforting when combined with the everyday spotting.

Bumpdate: Week 6

I had my first doctor’s appointment this week to tell them that I’m PREGNANT (haha that sounds so crazy!)

It was the first time I actually said it out loud, as he was the first person I told and we aren’t going to be telling anyone else for a while yet. I had last been to see him several months ago to find out what our infertility testing options were he knew we were actively trying, but asked me if it was “spontaneous.” My first thought was that it has been nearly 12 months in planning, I wouldn’t exactly call it spontaneous and had to ask what he meant. It turned out that he actually meant, did we conceive naturally, or had we started private treatment!

I have been spotting a little bit this week, although I’m a little worried, I am hoping that the small amount of blood is just delayed implantation bleeding and that everything is ok but I didn’t mention it to the doctor and now I’m really regretting it!

I did tell him about how thirsty I am as it seems like a really weird symptom to me. He gave me a sample pot to take a diabetes test – I guess I had better get used to this. I’m pretty sure it will come back negative, but I guess we will find out either way soon.

All in all the appointment wasn’t very productive, I was given a phone number to call to register myself with the local midwives (and it didn’t even work.) I did manage to find the phone number online though, and I found out that I have to wait until week 10 for my first appointment. That is 4 weeks away and I am so worried, but I have no-one to contact until then so I’m trying not to think about it too much.

Symptoms so far:
Nausea, tiredness, thirst, brown spotting

Bumpdate: Week 5

1 anxious minute waiting on the stairs
2 unbelievably excited parents
3 positive pregnancy tests
4 days to go until our doctor’s appointment…
5 weeks pregnant!!!


I can’t believe this has finally happened, we waited to test until the day after Chris’ birthday because we were too scared to get another negative, even though I was already 10 days late!

It would have been the perfect birthday present if we’d tested the day before, but as it turned out, our positive test turned around a really bad day!

Symptoms so far;
Nausea and thirst (unbelievable and permanant thirst) which I have had several months since TTC and the first time I was convinced that it meant I was pregnant, but 3 months in I didn’t think anything of it!

Sore breasts, the pain is unreal, just because my bra touched my nipple! This was probably my first symptom.

I have been away too long…

It feels like this has been a very long story, so a quick update may be in order…

The first month passed and I was feeling pretty positive, but AF came anyway. Then, the second month passed and still no positive, and I lost hope.

We have been trying for nearly 12 months, both charting and not charting. I know my body, I know how this whole thing works, we’re not using old wives tales, it’s pure hard science and it’s not working.

I figured that after this long there must have been a deeper problem. The odds were stacking up against us; Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (i.e. the Bible) states that on average you should get pregnant with 4 months of charting, even my phone app reckoned that most people log a positive pregnancy test with 2 months… Even if you’re going at it completely blind, 4 months should be plenty!

But it had been 12 months and nothing. Not even a chemical! I just wanted to see a hint of a little line on that stick!!!!

I’d had super long luteal phases with over 16 high temps, but no positive pregnancy test and I’d had super short 10 day luteal phases. My cycles were getting less consistent with the on going months: I had gone from a 10/11 day LP ending for on cycle day 32 (for about 6 months) up to my most recent and longest cycle at 42 days – I didn’t even know when I was “late” anymore!

I had been resigned to asking the doctor for infertility tests in September, I couldn’t go on like this any longer. It was putting a strain on me and the schedule was putting a strain on us. We needed answers.

But then something amazing happened… It’s as if my body knew that I’d given it a deadline.

I started bleeding at the end of August, just on our way out to Blackpool to celebrate my birthday and I was gutted (but at least this time I had a plan) and at least we could go to the Pleasure Beach and ride the rollercoasters now! By the time we arrived, I still hadn’t had anymore blood and we decided to hold off “just in case;” we watched some magic, we went to the fair, we walked along the seaside and ate candy floss… then we went home.

A week later and I still hadn’t had any more signs of AF, but it was Chris’ birthday and we didn’t want to put a downer on it by getting our hopes up and getting another negative. We tested the following day and got a positive!

And it was dark!

In the last 12 months we had never even had a squinter and now we had two lovely dark lines!

Chris was literally bouncing off the walls!

Our lives had completely changed!

In the next 9 months I will be writing a weekly post about what’s going on, fingers crossed it’s all plain sailing from here.