Bumpdate: Week 12

Weight: 0.49 ounces
Length: 2.13 inches

This week we finally got to go to our Dating Scan (or 12 Week Scan) and we got to see Pip, again!!!!


The sonographer measured from the top of the head to the rump and told us that Pip is measuring perfectly for 12 weeks and kept our original Estimated Due Date (EDD) so we can expect to be meeting him/her on 6th May 2017!!!


Bumpdate: Week 11

Weight: 0.25 ounces
Length: 1.61 inches

This week was mostly characterised by the 2 hour nap- although whether this was justified by Pip or was just a product of a lovely relaxing holiday, who can say?

Still on our cruise we spent each morning exploring a new port and each afternoon recovering! The first flight caused me to have some spotting again, but hopefully that’s just baby expressing some confusion about the pressure change.

Nausea, in the form of motion sickness, was active big style this week; and while on the ship I pretty much lived in my SeaBands. They worked really well and it was completely worth it. Pip must be one of the best travelled 11 week olds around!

We should have had our scheduled “12 week” scan this week, but unfortunately it was planned for the day before we travelled home. I had to call the hospital from the middle of the Mediterranean to reschedule, and they couldn’t get us in until next week 7 WHOLE DAYS after the first appointment and it feels like forever!

I am glad to have my SeaBands off though.

Towards the end of this week I have officially stopped using the button on my jeans! Life is just so much more comfy without that pressure and I’m pretty sure Pip must be appreciating it too.

We finished telling the closest people to us this week – Chris’ dad, Julie, Chris’ mum, Sammy and Andy and even finished the week on a high by telling work!!!!

It now feels like everyone in the world knows, but they have all been instructed to keep their lips sealed until after the scan next week and then we can all shout about it as much as we want!!!!

I am officially counting down the days!

Bumpdate: Week 10

Weight: 0.14 ounces
Length: 1.22 inches

This week we are away on a mediterranean cruise with my mum and dad for 10 days. We didn’t think that we would be able to keep Pip a secret while we were away – with no drinking, lots of napping and a little bit of nausea, so we decided to tell my mum and dad before we left; it was fantastic to be able to share our secret and at the same time make them so happy!

Instead of trying to put their reaction into words, you might want to watch this video instead…

Bumpdate: Week 9

Weight: 0.07 ounces
Length: 0.9 inches

This has been a great week; definitely feeling all the symptoms, which I both love and loathe in equal measure!

We have been really excited about our first midwife appointment and I feel like I have been counting down forever, but first we had a weekend away scheduled for Pip’s first trip to the Lake District! I was so sick on the drive there, which took 7 hours all in all, but I have learned that dry crackers are my friend and I think I’ll be eating quite a few in the next few weeks. It’s amazing to think about what an impact something so small can have on every action I take.
I had no idea what to expect when we turned up at the Community Hospital on Monday morning. I had been told to bring a sample pot that I had collected from the Medical Centre last week, and I was so careful packing it into my handbag the morning of the appointment – luckily our appointment was at 10am so I didn’t have to carry it for very long.

Chris came with me to the appointment, but he didn’t have much to do, most of the appointment was spent answering questions about family medical histories and whether we were related to each other. It was very much a paperwork exercise.

I did have an opportunity to tell her about the amount of spotting I had experienced a few weeks ago and made sure to explain how worried I had been about the whole situation and she was so much more helpful than the doctor had been. The very next thing she did was call the hospital and book an appointment for us with the Early Pregnancy Unit to get an early scan to make sure everything was ok.

The scan took place 3 days later and went really well!!! Everyone at Leicester Royal Infirmary was lovely to us and although we were incredibly nervous, we got to see our little Pip on the ultrasound (and didn’t need an internal scan) and saw a tiny heart fluttering away!

It was such a relief to see a tiny little gummy bear exactly as big as they expected him to be, with a heart beating away on the screen, instantly we knew that everything was currently going well and they even let us keep the photo.

Despite not having had any spotting for a few weeks now, I have been quietly worried that I had lost so much blood over the two weeks that it must have been indicative of a problem that we didn’t know about. We go on holiday next week (and intend to tell my mum and dad before we fly) so now we can tell them AND show them!

Symptoms include
Nausea, a little less tired, thirst, sore breasts