Bumpdate: Week 34

Weight: 4.73 pounds
Length: 17.72 inches
Butternut squash

This was my last 5 day work week pre-Pip, although I still have almost a month left to work, after this week I have:
Week 35: 4 day week (holiday on friday)
Week 36: 3 day week (holiday on monday and bank holiday on friday)
Week 37: 4 day week (bank holiday on monday)
Week 38: maternity leave starts here!

At the moment I’m still feeling really good, but I can imagine that the slightly shorter weeks will make the next month a little bit easier.

We had a midwife appointment again this week, and from now on they will be every 2 weeks until week 40. For once, we actually got to see the same midwife 2 weeks in a row and it was really nice to get some consistency. At our 31 week appointment, the midwife checked his position and told us that he was 1/5 engaged; this week she wasn’t so sure, but in the end has decided that he’s still at 1/5 (I really wish I knew more about what that means!)

For some reason this week, I decided that now was the right time and I really needed to learn to crochet. So i started watching youtube videos and actually managed to get myself quite addicted! It is so much easier than I remember from my previous attempts and I am considering packing some in my holiday bags to take to the caravan next week. I can only imagine it’s some sort of nesting, as what I’d really like to do is make things for Pip. As I am an absolute beginner, that is completely impossible, but I might start thinking about a (very small) blanket that I can add to over time.


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