Change of plan

Today is:

TCC month: 5

Cycle Day: 15 (11dpo) 

Mood: positive

I felt so dejected at the beginning of this month, I was utterly miserable. I had an appointment with my gp (which I had to wait a week to book and then an hour in the waiting room!) which was completely useless. He didn’t think there was anything that was proven to lengthen a luteal phase and offered no suggestions other than to come back in 10 months!!! As far as I was aware fertility treatment begins after 12 months of trying, but apparently no; its 15!!!
At least he respected the knowledge that I did have and realised that I had done my research (small victories, hey!)

This month we have decided to scrap all the measuring and planning. I have turned my apps off, ignored my thermometer and charting. The plan is similar to the SPEM plan, and basically to enjoy each other and stop calculating. 

I learned that cortisone and progesterone inhabit the same receptors in the body, so biologically speaking; if you are stressed (producing lots of cortisone) then you will have lower levels of progesterone and it really is harder to get pregnant!!! I don’t feel “stressed” about it, but it is occupying a lot of my waking thoughts, so I’m up for trying something new. 

This month I have been more noticeably dry everywhere; including not sweating at the gym and having really dry skin, which I have never noticed before. Luckily though, from cd13 this has started to get a bit better and I am generally feeling less dry!!!

The research that I have been doing makes me wonder if I might have insufficient b6, so I have started taking a b complex vitamin this month (which, coincidentally, I started taking around cd13) and have changed from seven seas vitamins to pregnacare. The pregnacare are HUGE!!! 


But there are considerably more active ingredients in them than in seven seas. I know that all I technically really need is folic acid, but maybe my balanced diet isn’t balanced enough. 

Please cross your fingers tightly that this is the month!!!