Bumpdate: Week 37

Weight: 6.3 pounds
Length: 19.13 inches
Romaine Lettuce

We are now officially at “full term” and if Pip was to be born right this second he’d probably be ok and wouldn’t even need a ventilator, which is some pretty exciting stuff, especially after the adventure that was last weekend. Part of me is really hoping for an early baby; I don’t want him to be so early that he’s in any increased danger, but it would be lovely to meet him sooner rather than later.

We spent easter weekend just relaxing and catching up on Game of Thrones, which we started last weekend while we were away, but hadn’t managed to get as far as expected due to me being so sick. We more than made up for it over the long weekend though and even considered whether there was a Game of Thrones name that wasn’t too ridiculous that could make our shortlist. It turns out the boys names on the show just aren’t as usable as the girls names; I can’t even begin to imagine a Tyrion or a Loros, although thinking about it we could have a Jon, Rob or a Theon… possibly even a Ned wouldn’t be too out there based on the grandad-style names that are popular at the moment!

This is my last week at work, all 4 days of it, and I am definitely ready to finish now. While i’m still not too uncomfortable, or tired, during the day, I am starting to feel ready to hand over and allow myself to spend more time thinking about house things and baby things, instead of just making lists to deal with later.

We finished the working week with a live vlog as we had finally reached 1000 subscribers. This is something that we had been really hoping to do before Pip arrives and we have achieved it! I’m not sure how well it went as we were both bouncing off the walls excited about the start of my maternity leave and the (hopefully) imminent arrival of our little boy, but if you want to check out just how happy we were, you can still see it here:


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