Bumpdate: Week 35

Weight: 5.25 pounds
Length: 18.19 inches

I had an appointment this week to collect a 24 hour heart rate monitor, wearing it was a real pain as I struggled to find clothes that were baggy enough (with my bump) to fit around the monitor and all the wires!

Time will tell if they found anything unusual on it, but I am hoping no news is good news, as I did it at the beginning of the week and still haven’t been given any results from the test… who knows how long it will take, but if it was something problematic i’d hope that they would get back to me asap.

This week I think I have found the first of my stretch marks; I have symmetrical horizontal lines around the centre of my bump. Strangely, they are already silvery coloured, which I wasn’t expecting, so i’m still slightly hopeful that they aren’t actual stretch marks but just other marks that will fade to nothing…

We have still not managed to narrow down our three name shortlist to anything more specific, so this week I decided that the best way to know that we have chosen the “right name” for Pip was to go back to the drawing board. I scrapped all of the names that we had so far and went back to looking at name websites, the “Top 200 Names of 2016” list and “Names Inspired By…” collections and drew up an entirely new long list of about 10-15 names. Then I showed Chris. There were a couple that he didn’t like and veto’ed straight away (Im sure Pip will thank him in the long run for that) and there were some that he really liked. After a long chat on the park, we now have nearly an entirely new shortlist of our 3 current favourite names and surprisingly only one of these is from our original shortlist!

I’m not going to give away any clues to the names we are thinking about though, and to be honest, they could change at any moment. The only way to know for sure is for you to come back to check on us after he is born to find out what we have chosen.


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