Bumpdate: Week 28

Weight: 2.22 pounds
Length: 14.8 inches

Another amazing week!!!

This week we have been busy busy busy; buying a “travel system” i.e. a pushchair and starting our NCT classes. Next week… shopping for a cotbed and ordering a car seat, then all the major purchases will be complete!!!

Symptoms this week still include the dreaded nightly leg cramps and also a little heartburn, but that’s probably my own fault for following half a garlic bread with gulping down half a pint of water and most likely squishing Pip in the process but it feels like a proper pregnancy symptom and I love it! … For now!

I had another midwife appointment this week, which was just as uneventful as ever. Still no issues with my blood sugar which is great news, bump is measuring perfectly normally and my blood pressure is dropping although still perfectly normal!

NCT class was pretty interesting, it was great getting to meet 7 other couples in exactly the same position as us. Based on due dates, Pip is expected to be the baby of the group, but there are 3 of us expecting within 3 days from 4th-6th May so it will be really interesting to see what happens!

Symptoms include:
leg cramp, indigestion


Bumpdate: Week 27

Weight: 1.9 pounds
Length: 14.4 inches
Waist: 37 inches

This is the official start of the THIRD trimester and wow, everything has changed in an instant; Pip has become so much more active and I have become so much more tired!

Also I think we have actually, officially, CHOSEN YOUR NAME this week!!! It turns out that both of us have been thinking the same thing, but only time will tell I guess!

A whole load of old symptoms seem to have come back this week, including the dreaded cramp! I have been lucky enough to have a whole week away from it, but BAM… third trimester and its back!!! Every morning I either wake up with a really horrible ache that feels like the after-effect of having had it earlier in the night, or else I have to be especially careful that I don’t stretch my legs before getting out of bed. I’m sure it’s not possible to sleep through getting a cramp, but it seems like I might be managing to – at least I’m not waking up in the middle of the night with it anymore.

The weirdest symptom to come back at this point is being thirsty again, hopefully this isn’t anything to do with gestational diabetes and is just a sign of Pip continuing to grow and change.

Bumpdate: Week 26

Weight: 1.7 pounds
Length: 14 inches

Ok, who knows how big a kale is?! That is ridiculous, I have never actually seen a kale as a single entity. My kale comes in bags of leaves from the supermarket… and is a great source of folic acid 😀

This was a weird week, on one day I wasn’t getting many kicks, but I was getting continuous wriggles and I am pretty certain that Pip completely flipped over as he has now started kicking really high up, it was crazy!

I’ve also had cravings back this week for the first time in a while- anything salty is fair game in our house and I have really started wanting olives. I can’t wait to see what you want to snack on.

As I am not sure how to measure my own fundal height, I measured the circumference of my bump this week… it’s 36″ and still a little smaller than Chris, but he is a foot taller than me and I don’t know how much longer I will be able to say that as Pip’s got some serious growing to do over the next few weeks.

Bumpdate: Week 25

Weight: 1.5 pounds
Length: 13.6 inches
My Weight: 64kg (up from 58kg at 10 weeks)

This week started on a high with our next midwife appointment and we got to hear Pip’s heartbeat for the first “official” time – we have been listening for it from about week 12, but this is the first time a professional has tried.

The midwife measured my weight and the size of my bump and everything is exactly normal which is fantastic, I have never been so happy about being average in my life; Pip is growing exactly as expected.

After the carpet was fitted on Thursday, the first thing we did was go out to buy blinds for the room. We now have everything except a cot and it’s looking fantastic. We keep going in just to stare at it, Shep seems really interested in what is going on and just wants to be involved so he always tags along when we go to stand and stare at Pip’s room.

Bumpdate: Week 24

Weight: 1.3 pounds
Length: 11.8 inches

Another massive milestone this week – VIABILITY!!!! This is really exciting as it means that if Pip was to be born right now; the odds are in his favour that he would survive and things will only continue to get better from here on in. It’s a real wake up call to think how soon he could be with us, although I really hope he stays put a little longer, as he’s still got lots of growing to do!

Chris has been really busy this week, finishing Pip’s room off. He has completed putting up wardrobes with sliding doors which is fantastic because we can now better imagine what it will look like when it’s all complete. Next week the carpet will be fitted and then we will be one step closer to being ready for you.

Bumpdate: Week 23

Weight: 1.1 pounds
Length: 11.4 inches

How annoying is this; the app that I have been using (Pregnancy+) as my guide to how big Pip is each week has failed me! Now that he’s getting really big ,they have started grouping the measurements and this week is grouped as week 22-24 so I have had to switch apps! I am now using The Bump, but it looks like the fruit and veg comparison for the next few weeks might have some duplicates with the last few from the other app! Grrr!

Out of nowhere this week I have had the worst symptom so far; every day I have had a leg cramp in the middle of night that has been unbearable. I have tried every remedy possible – bananas, tonic water (in moderation), stretching and drinking loads of water but nothing has made a difference. It appears that this might just be something I have to move with until you arrive.

My next solution is to get back to the gym and get exercising! I am taking it very carefully to start with, as I am very aware that I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks and it has been many many weeks since I last went to the gym. I’m starting slowly with a weekly Les Mills Body Balance class, and will work up gently from there.

My first class was great; I made sure the instructor knew about Pip and she helped me to make a couple of adjustments to the routine that everyone else was doing to help keep him safe and for the most part I did alright. I was from from Star Pupil, but for the most part, I did manage to keep up so I’m pretty happy. I don’t know if it will make a difference to my cramps; but i definitely felt more relaxed after the class and that can only be a positive thing.

We also had our first look at compiling a birth plan this week, and surprisingly knew a lot of the answers already. There’s a bit more research I still need to do before making final decisions, but like everything it’s a work in progress.

Bumpdate: Week 22

Weight: 1 pound
Length: 11 inches

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve this year as it had been weeks since I last stayed up until midnight. Whoever said that all your energy comes back in the second trimester was not telling the truth!!!!

Now that it’s official and everyone knows you’re a boy, this week it’s been time to start seriously talking about names. I thought this would be one of the most fun jobs, and I AM really enjoying it, but there’s just so much responsibility! Your name is so key to who you are… but how do we know who Pip is going to be?!

We have now been through every single baby name in the Top 200 for last year and we have narrowed our shortlist down to three. For now I am keeping completely silent on our favourites, but who knows if even use one of these for Pip’s real name or if something else will strike us in the next few months?

I CAN, however, promise that they are all lovely (masculine) names and we both think they are all fabulous. Choosing just one is going to be such a challenge!

This week was also the start of me going back to work after a lovely fortnight off and it’s amazing how much has changed; including how well my work clothes fit over my bump! There’s no real need to buy new stuff yet as luckily most of my tops are quite baggy, but they are definitely not as baggy as they were.

The first couple of days back were quite scary too as I started getting quite light headed before lunch time, but it was an easy fix to make sure I eat mire snacks in the morning.

Bumpdate: Week 21

Weight: 12.70 ounces
Length: 10.51 inches
This week has been the big gender reveal!!!!
We have now known that we have been having a baby boy for over a week now, which feels like forever, but as of this week everyone else knows too and we can stop being secretive about it.
First we told two sets of grandparents over Christmas dinner (and we made them fight for it!) We gave them an unsealed envelope “with the gender inside” and told them we would play any game of their choosing; if they won, they could have the envelope, but if we won… who knows!
Really we were planning to let them win either way, but they bent all the rules to make sure that they didn’t lose and in the end they beat us at Articulate by a mile.
They are all so excited to meet Pip and his grandma had even guessed ahead of time and bought him a blue Christmas present. It is amazing how many people love him already, he got quite a few gifts this year and he’s not even here yet!
… did you notice how much I love saying “he” now ^^^

Bumpdate: Week 19

Weight: 8.47 ounces
Length: 6.02 inches

This was another fantastic week, there are so many milestones at the moment!

We were lucky enough to have our detailed scan (which should have been at 20 weeks) a little early, so we got to see Pip again!

The scan was fantastic, it lasted about 15-20 minutes and the sonographer measured every little bit of Pip. We found out that everything is completely average, which is great news and even got to see the blood pumping around the heart… we were asked if we wanted to find out the gender and of course we were desperate to.

We found out that Pip was going to be a BOY but its top secret for now as we haven’t told anyone else yet, but we have big plans to tell them at Christmas.

I was exhausted during the scan and had to keep pinching myself to prevent falling asleep; mostly because I have been really sick this week, it’s just a bad time of year, but I don’t want to take any medicine to feel better, because anything I take might affect Pip.

Now that we know we have having a boy, we have started talking about Pip’s name again a lot! At least we know that he definitely won’t be an Anna or a Lucy- so there’s lots fewer names on our list now.

Bumpdate: Week 18

Weight: 6.70 ounces
Length: 5.59 inches

This is the first week the books say that I might be able to feel Pip move, I haven’t felt anything yet, but I am waiting on the edge of my seat. Daddy has to wait quite a bit longer, (maybe as much as another 2-3 weeks) but I can’t wait to start feeling movement. Although, I haven’t been lucky enough yet, knowing that it could be any day is very exciting!

My new jeans came this week and I finally don’t have to worry about them falling down (because I haven’t been able to fasten them at all for quite a few weeks now while bump is getting bigger and bigger!!!!)

This week all the books say that Pip can now hear things in the outside world, so Daddy has started reading regularly. I was a little bit naughty and gave him a very early Christmas present which is “Guess How Much I Love You?” So he has been reading that at night, I hope Pip remembers it!