Bumpdate: Week 33

Weight: 4.23 pounds
Length: 17.2 inches

This week started with a baby shower all organised and arranged by a friend who lives over 100 miles away. The event and guest list wasn’t a surprise, but I had no idea what to expect when we arrived.

We had a lovely afternoon tea and played some games, including 2 versions of adult pass the parcel which were really complicated, and therefore hilarious! She had also printed some predictions cards; the first asked us to complete sentences about our wishes for Pip, things like:

“I hope you learn…” and “I hope you love…”

and the second was a host of “predictions” were everyone had to guess the time and date that Pip would be born, then things about him – like, hair and eye colour, length and weight … and most importantly NAME!


It was really lovely to see what everyone has written for their wishes, there were some really beautiful ones, but I really can’t wait to see whose predictions are the most accurate. Although I am pretty confident that no one has predicted his name – unless we drastically change our minds!!!

I felt completely spoiled throughout the entire day, mostly as people had travelled so far to come to celebrate Pip, but above all I couldn’t believe the amount of gifts he (we) received!!!


In addition to the whole wardrobe of outfits Pip received (he now has significantly more than me) we also received a car seat and base as well as a cotbed, from Pip’s soon-to-be-grandparents. These have kept Chris quietly occupied this week with building and installing.

Now the car seat is in the car and both Pip and I have hospital bags packed; I am feeling pretty prepared. It’s still really early for him to make an appearance, but if he chooses to – i think we’re ready for him now.


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