Bumpdate: Week 32

Weight: 3.75 pounds
Length: 16.69 inches
At 32 weeks + 30 minutes (i.e.. half past midnight on Saturday morning) Chris and I were chatting in bed about Pip and feeling for him kick when my whole belly went really hard. There were all sorts of lumps and bumps; I’m pretty certain that I could feel an arm everything was so tight. I have remarked on how tight my tummy has been a couple of times in the last few weeks (I don’t even know when it started happening) and I haven’t thought much more of it, but when we googled it, it turns out it’s been Braxton Hicks contractions this whole time! For some reason I thought that BH only happened in the lower half of your stomach, and I expected to feel them from the inside, so it didn’t even cross my mind that’s what it was. I am so excited to be able to say that I have “started having contractions” … even if they are just practice ones for now!
Symptoms this week include light headedness again which is a bit scary! I hope this feeling doesn’t remain until the end of my pregnancy (or even worse, it could be nothing to do with Pip and this could just be my new normal.) I can live with the threat of passing out at any time, as it happens to me somewhat regularly anyway but I’m terrified of the thought of looking after a newborn and possibly passing out!
Again, it was Monday morning that it all happened; 15 minutes earlier than last week according to my colleagues. It started with me instantly feeling exhausted in a meeting first thing, then I got really hot and light headed and had to put my head down.
After all the advice I got last week (and the reading I did afterwards)
  1. Opened a window behind me – the paramedics did this last week and I felt a lot better for it
  2. I had a handful of sweets from my emergency supply – low blood sugar
  3. I had a half pint of water – low blood pressure / dehydration
  4. I lowered my head (although putting it between my knees is getting harder and harder
It wasn’t until a colleague brought a desk top fan for me that it started to pass. I don’t know if the cause of the whole incident was just me getting too hot, or whether it was all of my treatments that just took some time to work, but the fan is staying planted on my desk (and I really hope that I don’t need it again next Monday!)

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