Bumpdate: Week 31

Weight: 3.31 pounds
Length: 16.18 inches

Luckily my leg cramps are over again, although this week I have had a rather more unpleasant symptom… light headedness.

Now I know what you’re thinking; that doesn’t sound too bad, right?! Surely everyone gets a little light headed from time to time? Why don’t you just sit down for a moment and let it pass? Is that REALLY a pregnancy symptom?!

The truth is, it might not actually be a pregnancy symptom, but the fact that I am pregnant (and at 31 weeks too, if anyone is counting) makes it a whole lot worse!

It’s a long story, so I will try to keep it brief. The day started like most other Mondays, I had breakfast and went to work; everything was fine. Early on I started to feel a bit dizzy and funny, but it passed. Then suddenly, I didn’t know if I was going to faint or throw up, I asked a colleague to come over and by the time he got from his desk to my desk to help me up, I was much worse and the second I stood up… BAM, I passed out… I really shouldn’t have stood up.

My work colleagues were worried and called an ambulance (who arrived in under 6 minutes by the way!) the paramedics said I had low blood pressure, that wasn’t going back up and although everything seemed ok, they wanted to get Pip checked out “just in case.”

Off we went in the ambulance to the first hospital of the day, with me feeling like a bit of a fraud and with Chris following in the car to bring me home again afterwards.

However, it was about to get a whole lot more interesting as I fainted again in the ambulance, from a horizontal position – I didn’t even know that was possible, which meant that now I had to get checked out too (something about p-waves) and the first hospital wouldn’t take me if I was an “emergency” so off we went to the second hospital… with the blue lights flashing and the siren wailing, Chris now more than a little further behind in the city traffic and me definitely not feeling like a fraud anymore!

Luckily, everything turned out ok. I had to wait to see a cardiologist, which took about 10 hours, but I was allowed to go home as soon as he was done with me. All the while plugged in to various machines, but I had no further “episodes.” I was diagnosed with low blood pressure (nothing new there,) low blood sugar (despite having had breakfast,) and a sporadic heart rate and told to lie down if I felt like that again.

If you still want more information on the most eventful day this week, check out our daily vlog, here;

The following day I had a standard midwife appointment, did I mention that we are at 31 weeks this week? Where I tried to summarise what had happened the previous day, she really didn’t think it was a problem and I was informed that most women have low blood pressure during pregnancy because your blood vessels dilate and so the pressure within reduces. This is the polar opposite of what everyone at the hospital had told me, who said that you have more fluid and up to 1/3 more blood during pregnancy, therefore the pressure in your blood vessels is INCREASED, so I really don’t know what to think.

Either way, low blood pressure is normal for me and the rest of the week went without a hitch, so hopefully whatever was going on has stopped and it’s plain sailing from here for the next 9 weeks.

At the midwife appointment, I was told that bump is measuring “normal,” all bloods came back “normal” and there is still no cause for concern about gestational diabetes, which is all great news. Also, at my next appointment we will be discussing birth plans, which is so exciting as mine has been written for about 3 weeks!!!


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