Bumpdate: Week 30

Weight: 2.91 pounds
Length: 15.71 inches

This was quite possibly the busiest week of my life, and it wasn’t particularly easy to get through at 30 weeks pregnant!

My week looked like this:
Monday – NCT Class
Tuesday – Walking tour of DMU campus
Wednesday – NCT Class
Thursday – Dinner with Sarah
Friday – Dinner with NCT Class

As you can see, it was very NCT focussed! I have really enjoyed getting to know all the other couples, but I have really not enjoyed the pace of the classes. In the 7 days (from Wednesday to Wednesday) we had 3 classes and its really hard going at this point, when all I want to do after work is curl up on the sofa.

I think the classes would have been much more enjoyable if they were once a week, on a given day (instead of randomly being on sundays/mondays/wednesdays) or even once a fortnight and had started earlier before our due dates. This would have given us all time to get to know each other and discuss the pregnancies as they were progressing, instead of it all being crammed into 3 weeks right at the end.

I also made the mistake of putting a pair of heels on this week at work. My flats were at the end of their life and I hadn’t got around to going shopping for more yet, but I figured it would be ok as I don’t have to go anywhere while I’m at work so I would just wear heels at my desk. Bear in mind that I haven’t worn heels, at all, in MONTHS at this point and it WAS fine, until I stood up from my desk!

My hips instantly hurt so badly, that I spent the rest of the day in the office in my socks, and was forced to go to shoe shopping the next day!


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