Bumpdate: Week 23

Weight: 1.1 pounds
Length: 11.4 inches

How annoying is this; the app that I have been using (Pregnancy+) as my guide to how big Pip is each week has failed me! Now that he’s getting really big ,they have started grouping the measurements and this week is grouped as week 22-24 so I have had to switch apps! I am now using The Bump, but it looks like the fruit and veg comparison for the next few weeks might have some duplicates with the last few from the other app! Grrr!

Out of nowhere this week I have had the worst symptom so far; every day I have had a leg cramp in the middle of night that has been unbearable. I have tried every remedy possible – bananas, tonic water (in moderation), stretching and drinking loads of water but nothing has made a difference. It appears that this might just be something I have to move with until you arrive.

My next solution is to get back to the gym and get exercising! I am taking it very carefully to start with, as I am very aware that I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks and it has been many many weeks since I last went to the gym. I’m starting slowly with a weekly Les Mills Body Balance class, and will work up gently from there.

My first class was great; I made sure the instructor knew about Pip and she helped me to make a couple of adjustments to the routine that everyone else was doing to help keep him safe and for the most part I did alright. I was from from Star Pupil, but for the most part, I did manage to keep up so I’m pretty happy. I don’t know if it will make a difference to my cramps; but i definitely felt more relaxed after the class and that can only be a positive thing.

We also had our first look at compiling a birth plan this week, and surprisingly knew a lot of the answers already. There’s a bit more research I still need to do before making final decisions, but like everything it’s a work in progress.


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