Bumpdate: Week 22

Weight: 1 pound
Length: 11 inches

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve this year as it had been weeks since I last stayed up until midnight. Whoever said that all your energy comes back in the second trimester was not telling the truth!!!!

Now that it’s official and everyone knows you’re a boy, this week it’s been time to start seriously talking about names. I thought this would be one of the most fun jobs, and I AM really enjoying it, but there’s just so much responsibility! Your name is so key to who you are… but how do we know who Pip is going to be?!

We have now been through every single baby name in the Top 200 for last year and we have narrowed our shortlist down to three. For now I am keeping completely silent on our favourites, but who knows if even use one of these for Pip’s real name or if something else will strike us in the next few months?

I CAN, however, promise that they are all lovely (masculine) names and we both think they are all fabulous. Choosing just one is going to be such a challenge!

This week was also the start of me going back to work after a lovely fortnight off and it’s amazing how much has changed; including how well my work clothes fit over my bump! There’s no real need to buy new stuff yet as luckily most of my tops are quite baggy, but they are definitely not as baggy as they were.

The first couple of days back were quite scary too as I started getting quite light headed before lunch time, but it was an easy fix to make sure I eat mire snacks in the morning.


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