Bumpdate: Week 19

Weight: 8.47 ounces
Length: 6.02 inches

This was another fantastic week, there are so many milestones at the moment!

We were lucky enough to have our detailed scan (which should have been at 20 weeks) a little early, so we got to see Pip again!

The scan was fantastic, it lasted about 15-20 minutes and the sonographer measured every little bit of Pip. We found out that everything is completely average, which is great news and even got to see the blood pumping around the heart… we were asked if we wanted to find out the gender and of course we were desperate to.

We found out that Pip was going to be a BOY but its top secret for now as we haven’t told anyone else yet, but we have big plans to tell them at Christmas.

I was exhausted during the scan and had to keep pinching myself to prevent falling asleep; mostly because I have been really sick this week, it’s just a bad time of year, but I don’t want to take any medicine to feel better, because anything I take might affect Pip.

Now that we know we have having a boy, we have started talking about Pip’s name again a lot! At least we know that he definitely won’t be an Anna or a Lucy- so there’s lots fewer names on our list now.


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