Bumpdate: Week 14

Weight: 1.52 ounces
Length: 3.42 inches

My second trimester is well underway now and it turns out that the book is wrong! I’m still just as tired and still have infrequent bouts of nausea (probably a little less often than before, but not noticeably less.)

After waiting forever, we finally got our blood test results back this week, they were testing for Downs Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome and are happy to know that Pip is doing great, with only a 1:100,000 chance of each.  I have spoken to lots of people and so far haven’t heard of anyone get a 6 figure result yet so I think that might be the lowest set of odds you can get. In terms of Patau’s and Edward’s Syndromes that’s a really big relief.

I think the shape of my tummy is just starting to be noticeable in my normal clothes, but with the help of a bump band there’s still plenty of life left in my jeans… for now!