Bumpdate: Week 11

Weight: 0.25 ounces
Length: 1.61 inches

This week was mostly characterised by the 2 hour nap- although whether this was justified by Pip or was just a product of a lovely relaxing holiday, who can say?

Still on our cruise we spent each morning exploring a new port and each afternoon recovering! The first flight caused me to have some spotting again, but hopefully that’s just baby expressing some confusion about the pressure change.

Nausea, in the form of motion sickness, was active big style this week; and while on the ship I pretty much lived in my SeaBands. They worked really well and it was completely worth it. Pip must be one of the best travelled 11 week olds around!

We should have had our scheduled “12 week” scan this week, but unfortunately it was planned for the day before we travelled home. I had to call the hospital from the middle of the Mediterranean to reschedule, and they couldn’t get us in until next week 7 WHOLE DAYS after the first appointment and it feels like forever!

I am glad to have my SeaBands off though.

Towards the end of this week I have officially stopped using the button on my jeans! Life is just so much more comfy without that pressure and I’m pretty sure Pip must be appreciating it too.

We finished telling the closest people to us this week – Chris’ dad, Julie, Chris’ mum, Sammy and Andy and even finished the week on a high by telling work!!!!

It now feels like everyone in the world knows, but they have all been instructed to keep their lips sealed until after the scan next week and then we can all shout about it as much as we want!!!!

I am officially counting down the days!


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