Bumpdate: Week 8

Weight: 0.04 ounces
Length: 0.63 inches

Can you believe that my old (baggy) work trousers are starting to feel a little tight already?! We really need to start taking these pregnancy countdown photos that I have envied on Pinterest.

The spotting got worse on Tuesday this week, I would definitely have to admit that it was “bleeding” rather than “spotting,” luckily it seems to have only been for one day only. I was so worried because this was now 2 full days of spotting with no end and with two instances of bright red blood mixed in. We were about to call the doctor for the second time about the spotting, as last time he said he would book us in for a scan if it was still happening in this week and my deadline for myself was Tuesday.

I have been trying really hard to be positive, so I decided to hold off calling for a few more days and magically all spotting stopped on Wednesday; 15 days after it began. Amazingly, 8w+3 was the first day I had “normal” discharge with no brown for a whole day since week 6. I have never been so happy not to see any spotting and if this keeps up, we might just be home and dry!

I was starting to get a little worried with my reduced symptoms in addition to the heavier spotting, but this didn’t last long and all symptoms came back strong as the spotting stopped, so maybe the lack of symptoms was all in my head!

In an attempt to keep the positivity up this week, we also took the first bump progress photos this week and can’t wait to watch you grow!!!

On the brighter side, it turns out that I didn’t quite make it to week 12 before telling anyone… This week a group of us were scheduled to do an 8 mile charity walk for Maggie’s Centres in Oxford, including two of my best friends, and I knew we would be spending a LOT of time walking, and chatting – how was I supposed to keep quiet about the most amazing thing ever?!

I was also worried that I would be really really tired as I haven’t stayed up past 9pm in weeks and the walk didn’t start until 7pm. So I caved and I told Helen and Sarah before we started, it was amazing to be able to share the news with people I love although I am still having a really hard time saying it out loud, it just doesn’t feel real.

I found I couldn’t bring myself to say “I’m pregnant!” which should have been so easy, and I ended up dancing around the subject a little… so much so that Helen didn’t even know what I was trying to say. Sarah figured out my cryptic code and we started laughing and exclaiming and Helen still didn’t know what was going on.

Then we had to spend the next few hours in silence about it as a friend from work was with us and I really didn’t want work to know yet!!!

Nausea, tiredness, thirst, sore breasts


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