Bumpdate: Week 7

Weight: 0.02 ounces
Length: 0.5 inches

We are both so excited and I have been walking on the moon for the last two weeks… and trying my very best not to let anyone notice! We have started reading baby books and got our first dedicated iPhone app, Pregnancy+, which is fabulous and gives you all sorts of great information like how much the baby weighs, how long he is and what fruit he is the same size as!

We have been umm-ing and arr-ing this week about how to talk about our LO; it seems so odd to say “he” or “she” but I really don’t like “it” and “baby” just seems so far away, we have started referring to our LO as “Pip” as it is so much cuter. We are still using both “he” and “she” though, as we won’t know for real for AGES yet!

Horribly though, this has been a really difficult week and its hard to get excited when I am still spotting and its getting much harder to think of it as implantation bleeding now. I do know that some spotting is “normal,” but it is going on much longer than I expected and how do you know how much other people experience?! I have had a little bit every day and on Friday this week I even had a single wipe of bright red blood, which was really scary.

It’s so difficult not to worry about Pip, it has taken us so long to get this stage and we just want you to be safe and healthy!

I can’t believe that I had to switch to my old work trousers this week though as my current ones were getting uncomfortably tight!!! How crazy is that, I’m sure I shouldn’t have changed that much already.

This week they have definitely been reduced, I’m still definitely tired (I haven’t been to bed this frequently at 9pm for years!), but that isn’t exactly comforting when combined with the everyday spotting.


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