Bumpdate: Week 6

I had my first doctor’s appointment this week to tell them that I’m PREGNANT (haha that sounds so crazy!)

It was the first time I actually said it out loud, as he was the first person I told and we aren’t going to be telling anyone else for a while yet. I had last been to see him several months ago to find out what our infertility testing options were he knew we were actively trying, but asked me if it was “spontaneous.” My first thought was that it has been nearly 12 months in planning, I wouldn’t exactly call it spontaneous and had to ask what he meant. It turned out that he actually meant, did we conceive naturally, or had we started private treatment!

I have been spotting a little bit this week, although I’m a little worried, I am hoping that the small amount of blood is just delayed implantation bleeding and that everything is ok but I didn’t mention it to the doctor and now I’m really regretting it!

I did tell him about how thirsty I am as it seems like a really weird symptom to me. He gave me a sample pot to take a diabetes test – I guess I had better get used to this. I’m pretty sure it will come back negative, but I guess we will find out either way soon.

All in all the appointment wasn’t very productive, I was given a phone number to call to register myself with the local midwives (and it didn’t even work.) I did manage to find the phone number online though, and I found out that I have to wait until week 10 for my first appointment. That is 4 weeks away and I am so worried, but I have no-one to contact until then so I’m trying not to think about it too much.

Symptoms so far:
Nausea, tiredness, thirst, brown spotting


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