I have been away too long…

It feels like this has been a very long story, so a quick update may be in order…

The first month passed and I was feeling pretty positive, but AF came anyway. Then, the second month passed and still no positive, and I lost hope.

We have been trying for nearly 12 months, both charting and not charting. I know my body, I know how this whole thing works, we’re not using old wives tales, it’s pure hard science and it’s not working.

I figured that after this long there must have been a deeper problem. The odds were stacking up against us; Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (i.e. the Bible) states that on average you should get pregnant with 4 months of charting, even my phone app reckoned that most people log a positive pregnancy test with 2 months… Even if you’re going at it completely blind, 4 months should be plenty!

But it had been 12 months and nothing. Not even a chemical! I just wanted to see a hint of a little line on that stick!!!!

I’d had super long luteal phases with over 16 high temps, but no positive pregnancy test and I’d had super short 10 day luteal phases. My cycles were getting less consistent with the on going months: I had gone from a 10/11 day LP ending for on cycle day 32 (for about 6 months) up to my most recent and longest cycle at 42 days – I didn’t even know when I was “late” anymore!

I had been resigned to asking the doctor for infertility tests in September, I couldn’t go on like this any longer. It was putting a strain on me and the schedule was putting a strain on us. We needed answers.

But then something amazing happened… It’s as if my body knew that I’d given it a deadline.

I started bleeding at the end of August, just on our way out to Blackpool to celebrate my birthday and I was gutted (but at least this time I had a plan) and at least we could go to the Pleasure Beach and ride the rollercoasters now! By the time we arrived, I still hadn’t had anymore blood and we decided to hold off “just in case;” we watched some magic, we went to the fair, we walked along the seaside and ate candy floss… then we went home.

A week later and I still hadn’t had any more signs of AF, but it was Chris’ birthday and we didn’t want to put a downer on it by getting our hopes up and getting another negative. We tested the following day and got a positive!

And it was dark!

In the last 12 months we had never even had a squinter and now we had two lovely dark lines!

Chris was literally bouncing off the walls!

Our lives had completely changed!

In the next 9 months I will be writing a weekly post about what’s going on, fingers crossed it’s all plain sailing from here.



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