Midnight update!

Today is still;

TCC month: 4
Cycle Day: 33 (11dpo) 

Mood: reflective

We caved and took a test! I know, I know; it’s supposed to be first morning urine! But it was at least a 3 hour hold, so I hoped it might be enough… It wasn’t. 


I feel so much worse seeing it now than I did this morning. Truly, gut wrenchingly, disappointed. In the same way that I did on Christmas morning… Maybe it’s a symptom of Aunt Flo on her way. 

I was prepared for the bfn, it was the wrong time of day and I have had more than I would consider to be a reasonable amount of spotting between 8pm and midnight (when I took the test) so I didn’t expect to feel the hit of sadness when I saw it. 

Now I’m resigned to the fact that we are out this month, and it’s onwards and upwards (the only way from this point) 

Good night guys, I guess it’s time to book my doctor’s appointment to take my charts in after all. Month 5 here we come – I’m certain this will be the one!


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