D-Day? … Or is it?!

Today is…TTC month: 4
Cycle Day: 33 (11dpo)
Mood: confused 

This morning started quite negatively when I think about it; I woke up to an even lower temperature than yesterday, and as it was 10dpo and the expected day of AF I took a hcg test with FMU… That was negative!

I think you’ll agree it’s not the best start to the day. However, I have never been late before so I was still hopeful that it was just too soon for a positive test (the low bbt was harder to ignore!) I told Chris that I was still expecting to get my period this morning, as I just didn’t feel right, and went to work. 
After an uncomfortable morning of feeling achy, but definitely not crampy, and generally “wet” I was surprised not to see blood when I went to the bathroom. Feeling a little hopeful, I then spent the entire afternoon the same! This is really unusual for me, as normally I start on the day my app estimates (although my luteal phase is normally a little longer than 10dpo) before 8am, or at the very latest before 10am. 
Even when I was on the pill, I always started in the morning once I had got going for the day. I don’t remember the last time I started later than that. Also, I don’t normally have any fluid at this time in the month- what’s that all about?!

I have been controlling how much I let myself drink today, I’m still really thirsty but I am only letting myself drink when I REALLY need to, and only up to 300ml in a single mouthful. The last few days I have been wanting to down a whole pint every few hours, and I worried this was making my head feel cloudy. I have been feeling much better today, although I have still been thirsty!!!

Still no real symptoms;

  • I have a general low aching around my pelvis, but nothing specific. 
  • Low bbt of 36.2 degrees Celsius (below my cover line!) 
  • Some brown spotting, but no more than the last 2 days
  • Bloating (which I always get before AF)

These are definitely no indicative of AF or pregnancy and I don’t really know what to think right now. I am really hopeful that this is it, and my thirst and cf are the only symptoms I need- it is only 10dpo after all!

I have been chatting with other ladies who are expecting AF today, over on the Pink Pad forums, which is helping the time pass quicker and is making me more and more confident that this is it. The disappointingly negative start turned into a rather exciting day!!!
 I am soooo confused today! 


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