Today is…TTC month: 4

Cycle Day: 32 (10dpo)

Mood: disappointed

I woke up this morning so excited by the possibilities that today could bring! I was so ready to take a test with FMU and go into work trying to disguise the massive smile on my face, but no… Within minutes of me waking up my thermometer bleeped to let me know it was ready… I took it out of my mouth… Turned it around… And read the temperature…


What is going on?! This is so unfair?! It is 10dpo, it is too early for my temperature to drop, to all intents and purposes, it looks like my short luteal phase has just become even shorter! 
Looks like I am booking a doctor’s appointment this week, but it’s not the one I was hoping for!
I feel sick! 
… Update – 5pm and I have just realised that I have stopped feeling sick! I have had such a cloudy head and nausea all day. No cramps though and no sign of AF yet. I’m not hoping that this mornings temperature was a fluke, if it’s back up again tomorrow (like I’m hoping) then I will 100% take a test in the morning!!!


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