Getting excited!!!

Today is…
TTC month: 4

Cycle Day: 31 (9dpo)

Mood: hopeful

I have been sooo tired today, my body aches and I just can’t get going (I don’t want to) AND I spent the morning in my pjs watching Kimmy Schmidt (don’t worry I’m allowed to; it’s Sunday!) which is completely out of character for me. 

Still no symptoms to speak of, although I did check the NHS website for “thirst” because I have drank nearly 4 litres of water again today – about twice as much as normal. The NHS lists dehydration, diabetes and pregnancy as the main causes for thirst… Did I read that right?! Pregnancy?! This is more than a little exciting!!!

For enquiringly minds, the proof is here… NHS – thirst

After finding out that my excessive thirst could actually be a symptom that I didn’t know about, I have started to be quite hopeful about getting a positive this month and when I realised that today was also 9dpo and I can take a test tomorrow I allowed myself to look at baby names this evening!!! 
I love names and meanings, I always have, but I find it hard to look at, at the moment, knowing that I am doing it “for a reason” rather than just “for fun.” Today, I found a new blog called Swistle which allows you to send in your naming conundrums, and then the author and other readers will comment on the name; thinking of possible nicknames, likliehood of teasing etc. and suggest other similar names. They also list favourites, things like “favourite noun names” – which aren’t really to my taste, or “favourite names too unusual to use yourself” – I saw many of my favourites on that list!!! 

Eeeek, one more sleep to wait!!!


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