It’s Christmas!!!

Today is…TTC month: 3

Cycle Day: 1 

Mood: shocked 
When I started today it was cycle day 32 (11dpo) and I was convinced I was pregnant! I had no real symptoms to talk about, but it was Christmas morning and it would have been a perfect present (although conceiving today would land my due date right around both of our birthdays!!!)
We got up early to take a test before starting the official Christmas Day, and even used a digital so it would be clear and easy to read (and we wouldn’t have to ‘discuss’ whether there was a line or not!) … We sat at the top of the stairs for two minutes waiting for the results, and they were negative… BFN!

Approximately 1 hour later, AF chose to show her ugly face, but it least I could enjoy my baileys and cheese on Christmas night 😆
Merry Christmas everyone!


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