Big update!

Today is…
TTC month: 4
Cycle Day: 29 (7dpo)
Mood: sick
I ovulated a little later than normal this month (CD22) and had TWO whole days of positive OPKs – this is unusual for me as I don’t always get one clear positive, so I’m hoping this is a good sign. 
But the last three days I have had an awful cold, it started in my throat and moved to my head and nose, I feel so miserable! I’m tired and achy all the time because of the cold … And possibly because I went to Kettlercise for the first time in a month on Wednesday morning and 2 days later I still can’t walk properly!!! Unfortunately, this means that I can’t tell if I have had any symptoms and had completely out paid to my symptom spotting and it has completely messed up my BBT, I had a massive spike progressing up to 39.9 degrees Celsius until 4dpo then it dropped straight back down to my average 36.6 degrees for the last 3 days. 

I am not confident about this month, not like last month when it was “perfect”. The whole month has just been bad timing, I ovulated on the day before my uncle’s funeral which wasn’t exactly good timing, and now this cold has me wiped out when I should be feeling positive!!!

I am so prepared for a negative already hat I am armed with a plan for next month! I am going to see the doctor; I know it’s only been 4 months, but I am concerned that my luteal phase is too short (on average 11 days) which I know doesn’t put my in the “definitely an issue” category, but it IS far less than ideal. Hopefully if I take my charting with me and sound knowledgable, he won’t just tell me to come back in 8 months!!!
I also looked back at my old charts, and I think I might have been pregnant on month 2. What do you think? …


This looks to me like the start of a triphasic graph if ever I saw one, it just ends in a period at day 11.  I know that to be officially triphasic, the second rise must last for at least three days, but this is two days and then my period out lid to any further rising. I wish I had taken a test at 10dpo, just before my period was due, then at least I’d know. 

If it is a positive chart then that’s further fuel that my short-ish luteal phase is a problem. 


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