Ooooh lovely exciting post today

Today is…
TTC month: 3
Cycle Day: 1
Mood: frustrated
If this package had arrived two days ago would have been unbelievably excited and rushing home after work, but unfortunately it did not arrive two days ago.. it arrived today.. on CD1 … in fact the timing could not have been much worse…

This is what was in my package…
My very first home pregnancy tests from SME Fertility.
But using them could not be less worthwhile today, as it is also the dreaded CD1 😔 clearly my timing could not have been worse!
I have ummed and arred about what sort of test to buy and decided to go with internet cheapies (these are only £1.69 for 10!!!) which has got to be the most affordable way to test and although I’m not a POAS addict yet, but I imagine it won’t be long until I am!
I can’t speak for the accuracy of them *yet* but the ovulation strips I have bought from the same online store are great (and also at a fraction of the high street price) so I have no qualms about trying these… eventually!

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